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Methodology for a typical interiors project

Phase 1

Initial briefing with client�s key representative followed by meeting with all stakeholders and subsequent information gathering sessions with relevant groups and/or individuals.

Inventory completed of all existing furnishings, fixtures and equipment. Discussion on preliminary budget. Consultations with internal information systems and security personnel. Analysis of work flows and adjacencies; required workstation standards, amenity and services areas.

Phase 2
Schematic Design

Development of preliminary block plan presented for client feedback and approval. Development of preliminary space plan. Analysis and integration of building and fire code requirements. Further to client feedback; development of subsequent revisions of the space plan as required for final approval. Secure services, if required, of electrical, mechanical and structural engineering disciplines.

Phase 3
Design Development

Upon sign-off, finalize detailed design plan and specify furniture and equipment requirements identifying new systems or components; develop millwork drawings; select all materials, finishes, and determine treatment for walls, flooring, windows, and ceilings. Finalize lighting specifications. Confirm all voice & data requirements.

Review all local codes, regulations, by-laws and statutes applicable to the design with authorities having jurisdiction in order that the required consents, approvals, licenses and permits can be applied for and obtained. Review all costs and make recommendations as to any changes required to bring the project to within the approved construction budget.

Phase 4
Contract Documentation

Prepare construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications setting forth in detail the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical requirements, materials and such other elements as may be appropriate for the construction of the project.

The design will be revised as such to remain within the approved construction budget. Meetings with client representatives will be scheduled as necessary to ensure that the requirements of both parties are being met.

Phase 5
Contract Administration & Project Management Phase

Prepare the tender package (consisting of drawings, specifications, tender/contract forms and instructions to tenderers), print, collate and bind the required number of sets. During the tender period any technical enquiries from prospective tenderers will be answered and all addenda to the tender documents will be prepared and issued. Ensure that all required permits are applied for and obtained.

All necessary field reviews and detailed inspections of the work to be carried out, including inspections by structural, mechanical and electrical engineers and site inspection reports to be prepared accordingly. All shop drawings submitted in accordance with the construction contract to be reviewed and any necessary changes or alternatives to be recommended during construction for client review and approval.

Manage the contract administration process including site instructions, change orders and certificates of payment. Coordinate the schedule for delivery and installation of the work. A substantial performance inspection will be carried out and a deficiency list prepared. All letters of compliance will be obtained and schedule �C�s as per the BC Building Code will be obtained at construction completion as required for issuance of occupancy permit.

Design Philosophy

We believe that environment has a powerful impact on health, happiness and well-being and that a supportive interior environment contributes to both our mental and physical state. Our goal is to create solutions influenced by the space and needs of people and to go beyond pure function to provide space that will enhance the lives of its occupants.

Our intent is to develop well articulated and detailed design solutions that respond to the reality of the project. We are not satisfied in making an environment merely aesthetically pleasing but rather looking beyond traditional responses and common place solutions in addressing the fundamental questions of form, function, light, movement and materials.

We believe it is our responsibility to design with a global perspective and are perceptive to the implications of material choices avoiding those that are harmful to the environment either in production, preservation or disposal. In addition, we are committed to creating sustainable design relative to intended life cycle.

Our interpretation of universal design extends beyond facilitating access for all users regardless of ability or impairment; we strive to provide public spaces that are efficient and intuitive to users' needs.

Project Methodology

We approach design as a collaborative unit. Although competent in all areas of design we recognize, and utilize to our advantage, the particular strengths and capabilities of each individual.

Collectively we have strengths in the areas of programming, conceptual development, creativity, marketing and sales, graphics, theatrical display and merchandising, space planning, technical drawings, detail development, ergonomics, administration and organization, listening, communication and site supervision. Aside from these technical skills we count perseverance, resourcefulness and determination as our major assets.

We place considerable emphasis on communication, action and follow-through. We value straight talk, collaboration, a consistency of effort and doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Our Team

Our team of registered facility and design professionals has accumulated over eighty years of collective hands-on experience in the commercial, institutional and retail sectors providing us with valuable insight and understanding of the needs of users.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of interior design, project management and facility management services in a cost-effective manner which demonstrate innovation, quality and commitment.

Our range of services includes lease and contract negotiation, lease management, site selection, space programming, facilities strategic planning, interior design, contract administration, product specification, working drawings, move coordination, construction and project management.

Relationships have been developed over the years with many suppliers and vendors in the industry. We have worked with contractors, consultants, architects, leasing brokers and developers, marketing and merchandising professionals, telecommunications providers, information systems technicians and many furniture dealers and manufacturers.

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