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Krystal Peel Dry Exfoliation System
Pibbs Industries has redefined skin resurfacing with its new Krystal Peel dry-exfoliation method. Krystal Peel is u...
Price: US$8,995.00
11,513.60 CAD
Presso Dren Digit
Presso Dren Digit has been developed by extensive research on treatments made in pressure therapy. The pressure the...
Price: US$5,995.00
7,673.60 CAD
Skin Cleansing System
The 3505 Skin Care Center offers the most complete package of skin care equipment in a compact and easily accessibl...
Price: US$4,600.00
5,888.00 CAD
Liv-Agen Skin Care System
Liv-Agen Skin Care System is designed for maximum space efficiency with a modern contemporary look.
Price: US$4,300.00
5,504.00 CAD
CombyMix Skin Care System
The CombyMix Skin Care System is a compact and easily accessible multi-function skin cleansing center.
Price: US$2,995.00
3,833.60 CAD
Elettro Sauna
The innovation electronic control system is fitted with a silent, precise timer: a buzzer indicates the end of the ...
Price: US$2,595.00
3,321.60 CAD
Multifunctional Beauty System - 8 in 1
8 in 1 function - Facial steamer with timer, High frequency - Galvanic, Skin lifting, Vacuum and spray, Rotary brus...
Price: US$1,730.00
2,214.40 CAD
Autoclave Prestige 2100
Steam sterilization. Eliminates cross contamination. Used by world health care professionals. Sterilize your tools ...
Price: US$1,550.00
1,984.00 CAD
AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer
Steam sterilization ofautoclaving, is the perfect method for eliminating the risk of cross infection through contam...
Price: US$1,295.00
1,657.60 CAD
Vapotronic Steamer - Caster Base
Vapotronic Steamer - Caster Base Electronically Controlled Facial Vaporizer
Price: US$1,095.00
1,401.60 CAD
Steamer Diopter Kit (includes everything shown)
Paragon 101 Steamer Kit
Price: US$916.00
1,172.48 CAD
StimLift System
The StimLift System is designed to treat mature skin and skin affected by enviromental factors, such as smog, sun a...
Price: US$795.00
1,017.60 CAD
Brush System
Facial brush system
Price: US$695.00
889.60 CAD
Vacuum and Spray System
Vacuum and Spray System
Price: US$695.00
889.60 CAD
High Frequency System
High Frequency System
Price: US$650.00
832.00 CAD
Galvanic Desyncrostation System
Galvanic Desyncrostation System
Price: US$650.00
832.00 CAD
Facial Steamer (with base)
Facial Steamer
Price: US$620.00
793.60 CAD
Vapourel Professional Vapourizer
Vapourel has all the great features expected in a professional vapourizer.
Price: US$595.00
761.60 CAD
Wood's Lamp
Convenient grip handle for ease of use. U.V. Lamp provides maximum detection. Compact magnifying lens affords accur...
Price: US$595.00
761.60 CAD
High Heat Sterilizer
UV and high heat (up to 250 degree C). Sterilizes all your metal tools. C.S.A. Approved.
Price: US$500.00
640.00 CAD
Hot Towel Sanitizing Steamer
The 500 Hot Towel Steamer holds approximately 40 facial size towels in its two shelves. It features U.V. sanitation...
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
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