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Golden Touch Table
The all in one spa table featuring in set pedicure unit promises to revolutionize your business. Perform the most p...
Price: US$6,395.00
8,185.60 CAD
The Verona Royale
You can do MULTIPLE TREATMENTS with this table facials, waxing, massage, body wrapseven pedicures, with the built-i...
Price: US$5,195.00
6,649.60 CAD
Living Earth Cloud 9 Table All in One Chair
The Cloud9 is the ultimate in versatility and comfort. Fully-articulating with the push of a button, it has all the...
Price: US$4,995.00
6,393.60 CAD
Tuscany Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Tuscany Podotherapy Pedicure Spa, Each jet is powered by its own technologically advanced motor. The jets function ...
Price: US$4,695.00
6,009.60 CAD
Asti Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Asti Podotherapy Pedicure Spa, The Pipeless Pedicure Spa sets the standard for sanitary, client safety. Every wette...
Price: US$4,595.00
5,881.60 CAD
Fiuggi Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Fiuggi Podotherapy Pedicure Spa, Featuring "Sanijet" Pipeless Spa System. A simple twist of the wrist rem...
Price: US$4,595.00
5,881.60 CAD
European Touch Forte Footspa
Our Forte Spa, a traditional piped pedicure spa, brings state-of-the-art features and functionality to the finest s...
Price: US$4,495.00
5,753.60 CAD
Le Mirage Pedicure Spa
In today' s hectic and time-stressed world, a pedicure featuring easy, carefree maintenance and exceptional per...
Price: US$4,080.00
5,222.40 CAD
The Oyster Pedicure Spa
A prescription for the stress of modern living. The Oyster' s contemporary design and quality construction will...
Price: US$4,080.00
5,222.40 CAD
Florence Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Florence Podotherapy Pedicure Spa, a complete line of pedicure centers feature a durable fiberglass shell that will...
Price: US$3,195.00
4,089.60 CAD
Venice Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Venice Podotherapy Pedicure Spa, We offer a complete line of pedicure centers feature a durable fiberglass shell th...
Price: US$3,195.00
4,089.60 CAD
Taormina Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Taormina Podotherapy Pedicure Spa Chair Top - Length: 18" Width: 21" Height: 28" Base - Length: 54&q...
Price: US$3,195.00
4,089.60 CAD
Suio Terme Pedicure Spa
Suio Terme Pedicure Spa Chair Top Width: 29" Height: 33" ALL BLACK
Price: US$3,195.00
4,089.60 CAD
Aqua Pura Pedicure Spa
Aqua Pura Pedicure Spa Chair Top Width: 36" Height: 36" Base, Length: 54", Width: 27", Height: ...
Price: US$3,195.00
4,089.60 CAD
The Mini-Rainbow Pedicure Spa
The Mini-Rainbow pedicure spa is comfortable and luxury in only 10 square feet of space. The Mini-Rainbow offers a ...
Price: US$3,165.00
4,051.20 CAD
Victoria Queen Pedicure Table
The built-in whirlpool pedicure tub and swing-away manicure armrests let your client relax and rejuvenate while she...
Price: US$2,999.00
3,838.72 CAD
Out of Stock
Queen Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Queen Podotherapy Pedicure Spa, No Massage Option Available, Adjustable footrest Base: White only Upholstery ava...
Price: US$2,995.00
3,833.60 CAD
Princess Podotherapy Pedicure Spa
Princess Podotherapy Pedicure Spa, No Massage Option Available, Chair Top: Black or White only, Base: White only
Price: US$2,995.00
3,833.60 CAD
The Sunshine Pedicure Spa
Escape from the daily stress with a pedicure lavished by The Sunshine at a price that won' t break your bank. T...
Price: US$2,875.00
3,680.00 CAD
Pedicure Station with Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless Steel sink, Luxury Chair with Massage and Heat. Chair top reclines, adjustable footrest and storage drawe...
Price: US$2,195.00
2,809.60 CAD
Complete Petite Spa Package
European Touch Whirlpool Spas:
Price: US$1,838.00
2,352.64 CAD
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