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Salon Foot Rest
Salon Footrest provides an extra 6 inches of length to your table right where you need it. Only 15 inches wide.
Price: US$50.00
64.00 CAD
Wet Spa Bolster
Wet Spa Bolster - 6 inches x 27 inches (Dark Blue)
Price: US$50.00
64.00 CAD
Crescent Headrest
Our Crescent Headrest has been ergonomically designed for superior comfort. It has the proper shape to support your...
Price: US$45.00
57.60 CAD
Reiki End Plate
The Reiki endplate allows the practitioner to get their legs under the head and foot of the table.
Price: US$35.00
44.80 CAD
Earthlite Table Skate
Enjoy the comfort of rolling your table wherever you go. Our Table Skate is easy to steer. Two straps with quick re...
Price: US$34.00
43.52 CAD
Full Length Round Bolster
Vinyl bolster, foam-filled, round for knees and ankles
Price: US$30.00
38.40 CAD
Full Length Half Bolster
Vinyl Bolster, foam-filled, half-round bolster for knees and ankles
Price: US$30.00
38.40 CAD
Neck Bolster
Vinyl Bolster, Foam-filled, 10 inch X 3 inch neck support when lying supine
Price: US$30.00
38.40 CAD
Full Length Three Quarter Flat Bottom Bolster
Vinyl Bolster, foam-filled, flat for knees and ankles
Price: US$30.00
38.40 CAD
Cervical Lumbar Roll
Vinyl Bolster, Foam-filled, Round for neck, 10 inches X 4 inches
Price: US$25.00
32.00 CAD
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