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Golden Touch Table
The all in one spa table featuring in set pedicure unit promises to revolutionize your business. Perform the most p...
Price: US$6,395.00
8,185.60 CAD
The Verona Royale
You can do MULTIPLE TREATMENTS with this table facials, waxing, massage, body wrapseven pedicures, with the built-i...
Price: US$5,195.00
6,649.60 CAD
Living Earth Cloud 9 Table All in One Chair
The Cloud 9 is the ultimate in versatility and comfort. Fully-articulating with the push of a button, it has all th...
Price: US$4,995.00
6,393.60 CAD
Living Earth Craft Serenity Pro Salon Table Plus
The Serenity Pro Salon is the original Multi-Use table. Is is beautifully handcrafted from hard maple, with a silen...
Price: US$4,195.00
5,369.60 CAD
Living Earth Craft Serenity Pro Salon Table
The Serenity Pro Salon is the original Multi-Use table. Is is beautifully handcrafted from hard maple, with a silen...
Price: US$3,995.00
5,113.60 CAD
Empress Table
The Empress Chair is the premier entry in our line of multifunction spa tables. The Empress is ideal for medical sp...
Price: US$3,995.00
5,113.60 CAD
Aqua Thermassage
Dependable, remarkably cost effective and extremely low maintenance, the Aqua Thermassage.
Price: US$3,695.00
4,729.60 CAD
Victoria Queen Pedicure Table
The built-in whirlpool pedicure tub and swing-away manicure armrests let your client relax and rejuvenate while she...
Price: US$2,999.00
3,838.72 CAD
Out of Stock
Aphrodite Wet and Dry Pedestal Table
A truly remarkable product combining a plush upholstered top with tough HDPE plastic for the ultimate achievement i...
Price: US$2,830.00
3,622.40 CAD
Neptune Pedestal Wet Table
The Neptune wet table is a seamless, molded-acrylic table which is perfect for hydro-therapy spa treatments.
Price: US$2,725.00
3,488.00 CAD
Earthlite Calistoga Electric Lift Table
Our Calistoga Lift lends simple elegance to your salon or day spa.
Price: US$2,499.00
3,198.72 CAD
Living Earth Craft Serenity Salon Table
The Serenity electric hydraulic lift is quiet, smooth and dependable.
Price: US$2,295.00
2,937.60 CAD
Earthlite Everest Table
Our Everest electric lift massage table holds true to its name, strong, majestic, and beautiful.
Price: US$1,999.00
2,558.72 CAD
Neptune Stationary Wet Table
Smooth, durable ABS plastic-trough water containment keeps wash-off from client. Comfortable, 1.25 inch vinyl-coate...
Price: US$1,885.00
2,412.80 CAD
Earthlite Ellora Salon Massage Table
Designed for comfort, ease-of-maintenance, long-lasting reliability. In fact it has an unequivocal lifetime warrant...
Price: US$1,849.00
2,366.72 CAD
Olympus Salon Table
The Olympus - an electric lift table that looks like a stationary! The Olympus Salon features a four-section, manua...
Price: US$1,795.00
2,297.60 CAD
Olympus Flat Top Massage Table
The Olympus Flat Top - an electric lift table that looks like a stationary! The Olympus Flat Top; features a one-pi...
Price: US$1,495.00
1,913.60 CAD
Stationary Multi Pro Table
The Stationary MultiPro is one of our most versatile tables - renowned for its value, durability, and ease-of-use. ...
Price: US$1,481.00
1,895.68 CAD
Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Table
Designed for comfort ease-of-maintenance
Price: US$1,399.00
1,790.72 CAD
Aphrodite Wet and Dry Stationary Table
The Aphrodite Wet/Dry Stationary Table still offers the traditionally-superior performance it' s been known for...
Price: US$1,320.00
1,689.60 CAD
Valigia Massage Bed
The FB705 Valigia bed is portable and easy to carry no matter where you go. It also features an adjustable back.
Price: US$1,195.00
1,529.60 CAD
Treatment Room Sink and Cabinet
Elegant modern design with many options to fit your treatment room perfectly.
Price: US$974.00
1,246.72 CAD
Stationary Face and Body Table
The Stationary Face and Body has proven itself to be an outstanding table during more than 20 years of production. ...
Price: US$950.00
1,216.00 CAD
Multi Purpose Cabinet
Great all around storage for treatment rooms.
Price: US$875.00
1,120.00 CAD
Venetian Salon Stationary Table
Created for smaller workspaces, the Venetian Salon Stationary table fits anywhere. It is our most economical statio...
Price: US$874.00
1,118.72 CAD
Portable MultiPro Massage Table
Versatile in design and purpose, the Portable MultiPro table is at completely at home in the massage, facial, or mu...
Price: US$870.00
1,113.60 CAD
Earthlite Sedona Table
Our Sedona stationary massage table is as functional as it is beautiful. Your clients will luxuriate on our special...
Price: US$699.00
894.72 CAD
Stressbuster Massage Chair
Stressbuster Massage Chair The FB700 massage chair is designed to be easy to use. The FB700 is compact, foldable an...
Price: US$649.00
830.72 CAD
Earthlite Spirit Tilt Table
For years, we watched as our industry produced not so portable tilt tables that weighed 40 lbs or more. Now, you ca...
Price: US$599.00
766.72 CAD
Timbale Cart
Small rolling cabinet is easily moved for extra space in treatment rooms. Stainless steel top with Stainless steel ...
Price: US$560.00
716.80 CAD
Earthlite Avila II Portable Massage Chair
Earthlite' s Avila II is the world' s most advanced chair. (Doeskin)
Price: US$509.00
651.52 CAD
Portable Massage Bed
Portable Massage Bed 29in. X 72in. Height 26.5in.
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
Master BodyWorker Portable Massage Table
The Master BodyWorker is our top-of-the-line portable massage table, a confluence of style and function sure to ple...
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
Massage Table
Massaging table features folding legs for easy storage. Sturdy construction and extremely stable. Features a 2"...
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
Quicklite Massage Chair
The Quicklite is the most innovative and structurally stable massage chair available today, featuring a one-piece i...
Price: US$470.00
601.60 CAD
Earthlite Infinity Table
The Infinity has sleek, stylish, elegant curves. And a cushioning and upholstery system that your clients will love...
Price: US$459.00
587.52 CAD
Earthlite Spirit  LT and LTX
Spirit LT and LTX. First, they designed a radical weight saving deck with our patent pending Tri-tech load dispersi...
Price: US$449.00
574.72 CAD
Nautilus Portable Massage Table
The Nautilus portable massage table incorporates the patented CenterLock leg system, the innovative leg design that...
Price: US$445.00
569.60 CAD
Master BodyWorker Classic Portable Massage Table
The Master BodyWorker Classic is our most versatile and customizable portable massage table, with options available...
Price: US$445.00
569.60 CAD
Earthlite Luna Portable Massage Table
The Luna Portable Massage Table is super-strong and lightweight with a reiki-ready aluminum frame.
Price: US$439.00
561.92 CAD
Earthlite New Spirit Massage Table
You can look everywhere, but you simply will not find a massage table to compare with our Spirit.
Price: US$409.00
523.52 CAD
Portalite Portable Table
Fits comfortably in a small room.; It' s an easy traveler for air flights and outcalls.
Price: US$400.00
512.00 CAD
Earthlite Avalon Table
For All-Around Body Work Easy to transport and set up. Soft handles are reinforced with nylon webbing, then bolted ...
Price: US$399.00
510.72 CAD
Massage Chair 820
Massage Chair 820 in your choice of color.
List Price: US$780.00
Price: US$390.00
499.20 CAD
Portable Massage Chair
Lightweight. Foldable and adjustable position. Carrying strap. Available in black only.
Price: US$350.00
448.00 CAD
Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table
Earthlite' s new Harmony DX portable massage table package is packed with features and value.
Price: US$299.00
382.72 CAD
Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair
Lightest Design - Our oval tube, aircraft aluminum frame design yields a super light, super strong 15 lb profession...
Price: US$299.00
382.72 CAD
Armrest and Footrest Combo
Armrest/Footrest Combo is one of the most versatile extensions available.
Price: US$110.00
140.80 CAD
Quick Touch Face Support
The INNOVATIVE QUICKTOUCH is the most VERSATILE head support system available! The push-button mechanism adjusts to...
Price: US$110.00
140.80 CAD
CARESS Face Cradle
The revolutionary Caress self-adjusting face cradle conforms to the unique face shape and contours of each of your ...
Price: US$109.00
139.52 CAD
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