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Earthlite Luna Portable Massage Table
The Luna Portable Massage Table is super-strong and lightweight with a reiki-ready aluminum frame.
Price: US$439.00
561.92 CAD
Earthlite New Spirit Massage Table
You can look everywhere, but you simply will not find a massage table to compare with our Spirit.
Price: US$409.00
523.52 CAD
Portalite Portable Table
Fits comfortably in a small room.; It' s an easy traveler for air flights and outcalls.
Price: US$400.00
512.00 CAD
Earthlite Avalon Table
For All-Around Body Work Easy to transport and set up. Soft handles are reinforced with nylon webbing, then bolted ...
Price: US$399.00
510.72 CAD
Massage Chair 820
Massage Chair 820 in your choice of color.
List Price: US$780.00
Price: US$390.00
499.20 CAD
BodyCushion System  4-Piece
The bodyCushion System Provides Proper Spinal Positioning For All Body Sizes And Types, Including Infants And Pregn...
Price: US$369.00
472.32 CAD
Portable Massage Chair
Lightweight. Foldable and adjustable position. Carrying strap. Available in black only.
Price: US$350.00
448.00 CAD
BodyCushion System 3-Piece
The bodyCushion System Provides Proper Spinal Positioning For All Body Sizes
Price: US$319.00
408.32 CAD
Earthlite Harmony DX Massage Table
Earthlite' s new Harmony DX portable massage table package is packed with features and value.
Price: US$299.00
382.72 CAD
Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair
Lightest Design - Our oval tube, aircraft aluminum frame design yields a super light, super strong 15 lb profession...
Price: US$299.00
382.72 CAD
Adjuster Caddy Set
Add this set to your bodyCushion for pregnancy, larger client frames, back pain,problems and neck pain,problems!
Price: US$199.00
254.72 CAD
Mini BreastProtector and Pelvic Support
Get maximum breast comfort with the 3 inch breastProtector and miniCushion Pelvic Support.
Price: US$199.00
254.72 CAD
MiniCushion - BodyCushion
Increase referrals with greater patient comfort and more effective adjusting! The miniCushion eases thoracic adjust...
Price: US$199.00
254.72 CAD
BodyCushion 5" breastProtector
Add the breastProtector to your bodyCushion to provide optimal face-down comfort for large breasts, augmentations, ...
Price: US$149.00
190.72 CAD
BodyCushion Deluxe bakPak
Lightweight bakPak is zipper expandable to accommodate all bodyCushion Essentials.
Price: US$119.00
152.32 CAD
MiniCushion BreastProtector - BodyCushion
Add a 3-inch breastProtector Chest Support to your miniCushion for the comfort of larger breasted patients. Interch...
Price: US$119.00
152.32 CAD
Armrest and Footrest Combo
Armrest/Footrest Combo is one of the most versatile extensions available.
Price: US$110.00
140.80 CAD
Quick Touch Face Support
The INNOVATIVE QUICKTOUCH is the most VERSATILE head support system available! The push-button mechanism adjusts to...
Price: US$110.00
140.80 CAD
CARESS Facecradle
The revolutionary Caress self-adjusting facecradle conforms to the unique face shape and contours of each of your c...
Price: US$109.00
139.52 CAD
Flex-Rest Headrest
Gone are the days of cradle face! The revolutionary Flex-Rest self-adjusting facecradle flexes and pivots to adapt ...
Price: US$109.00
139.52 CAD
Living Earth Craft Maple Shelf
Maple shelf adds storage capabilities
Price: US$100.00
128.00 CAD
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