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Treatment Room Sink and Cabinet
Elegant modern design with many options to fit your treatment room perfectly.
Price: US$974.00
1,246.72 CAD
Multi Purpose Cabinet
Great all around storage for treatment rooms.
Price: US$875.00
1,120.00 CAD
Minorca Cabinet with Glass Front
Minorca Cabinet with Glass Front
Price: US$695.00
889.60 CAD
Timbale Cart
Small rolling cabinet is easily moved for extra space in treatment rooms. Stainless steel top with Stainless steel ...
Price: US$560.00
716.80 CAD
Hot Towel Sanitizing Steamer
The 500 Hot Towel Steamer holds approximately 40 facial size towels in its two shelves. It features U.V. sanitation...
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
Double Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilization
Accomodates ten (40) standard hand towels Two separate cabinets with doors that open from the side Top cabinet - 17...
Price: US$470.00
601.60 CAD
Hot Towel Cabinet - Interior 18"w x 14"d x 16"h
Unit has three temperature settings: 195, 158 122, degrees Fahrenheit.
Price: US$449.00
574.72 CAD
Hot Towel Cabinet
UV sterilizing. 2 dozen face towels capacity. Pull down door. Keeps towel hot for treatments. CSA approved.
Price: US$390.00
499.20 CAD
Standard Hot Towel Cabinet with UV Sterilization
Accomodates twenty (20) standard hand towels Door folds down from top of cabinet 170 degree Fahrenheit average temp...
Price: US$314.00
401.92 CAD
Small Hot Towel Cabinet
Accomodates ten (10) standard hand towels
Price: US$230.00
294.40 CAD
Large Stone Roaster 18 Quarts
Holds 18 quarts of water.
Price: US$220.00
281.60 CAD