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Hydrotop Massage Cushion (with adjustable face cradle; Beige)
Hydrotop Massage Cushion
Price: US$795.00
1,017.60 CAD
Body Support Full Pro System
Full Pro BodyCushion System
Price: US$756.00
967.68 CAD
Body Support Pro System
The bodyCushion System. Provides Proper Spinal Positioning
Price: US$568.00
727.04 CAD
BodyCushion System  4-Piece
The bodyCushion System Provides Proper Spinal Positioning For All Body Sizes And Types, Including Infants And Pregn...
Price: US$369.00
472.32 CAD
BodyCushion System 3-Piece
The bodyCushion System Provides Proper Spinal Positioning For All Body Sizes
Price: US$319.00
408.32 CAD
Adjuster Caddy Set
Add this set to your bodyCushion for pregnancy, larger client frames, back pain,problems and neck pain,problems!
Price: US$199.00
254.72 CAD
Mini BreastProtector and Pelvic Support
Get maximum breast comfort with the 3 inch breastProtector and miniCushion Pelvic Support.
Price: US$199.00
254.72 CAD
MiniCushion - BodyCushion
Increase referrals with greater patient comfort and more effective adjusting! The miniCushion eases thoracic adjust...
Price: US$199.00
254.72 CAD
BodyCushion 5" breastProtector
Add the breastProtector to your bodyCushion to provide optimal face-down comfort for large breasts, augmentations, ...
Price: US$149.00
190.72 CAD
BodyCushion Deluxe bakPak
Lightweight bakPak is zipper expandable to accommodate all bodyCushion Essentials.
Price: US$119.00
152.32 CAD
MiniCushion BreastProtector - BodyCushion
Add a 3-inch breastProtector Chest Support to your miniCushion for the comfort of larger breasted patients. Interch...
Price: US$119.00
152.32 CAD
BodyCushion ArmRests - Set of 2
Add the armRests to your bodyCushion to increase positioning options for the shoulders, arms and hands.
Price: US$99.00
126.72 CAD
BodyCushion Leg Support - Replacement Part
Special design supports without pressure, relaxing the hips and legs.
Price: US$79.00
101.12 CAD
BodyCushion Covers
Durable, elastic fitted, 100% Cotton Interlock covers are made to fit and protect each bodyCushion part to keep it ...
Price: US$79.00
101.12 CAD
New Approaches to Muscle Therapy - BodyCushion DVD
72 highly effective techniques for whiplash, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more. Indexed and time-code...
Price: US$79.00
101.12 CAD
Leg Bolster
These bolsters are made from the highest quality foam for durability and comfort.
Price: US$69.95
89.54 CAD
BodyCushion 4-piece bakPak
Holds the Face, Chest, Pelvic, and Split Leg Supports.
Price: US$69.00
88.32 CAD
BodyCushion Face Crescent Covers
Durable, elastic fitted, 100% Cotton Interlock, seamless design. Fits the bodyCushion Face Crescent as well as othe...
Price: US$69.00
88.32 CAD
Body Support System Bolster
Bolsters & Cushions: Use These Under Knees, Ankles or Neck. Body Support System
Price: US$61.50
78.72 CAD
Wet Spa Bolster
Wet Spa Bolster - 6 inches x 27 inches (Dark Blue)
Price: US$50.00
64.00 CAD
BodyCushion 3-piece backpack
Holds the Face, Chest, and Pelvic Supports. Allows you to be on the go for off-site seated massage.
Price: US$49.00
62.72 CAD
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