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General Information
Number of Square Feet
Approximate Number of Rooms or Redesigned Rooms
Business Plan
   Look over my business plan for me.
   Create a business plan for me.
Interior Site Size and Design
   Look over my floor plan for me.
   Color Scheme
   Basic Blue Prints
   Provide Floor layout
   Custom Design Interior
   Landlord Build Out Compensation: A dollar amount per square foot
NOTE: If you select this you must select a construction budget below.

   Shoe String Budget: You are the General Contractor
   Basic Design Budget: We are the General Contractor using Low End Materials
   Mid Range Design Budget: We are the General Contractor using Mid Range Materials
   High End Design Budget: We are the General Contractor using High End Materials
   Over See Construction:  As a Salon or Spa Consultant
   Construction Manager
Management Coaching Packages
   Start Up Coaching: Over see 2 Months Before Opening and First Month of Opening
   Maintenance Coaching:  Over see First 6 Month of Opening
   Entire Concept Coaching: Over see All Planning Before Opening and First 12 Month of Opening
   Payroll Analyses: Over see or Design Payroll
   Employee Handbook
Software & Internet
   Scheduling Only Software
   Entry Level POS Software with Appointments
      Number of Employees Having Appointments
   Centralized Booking
   Client On-line Booking
   Internet Interface
   Multi Locations
       If so, how many locations?
   Accounting Software with Bookkeeper for One Year
   Accounting Software
   Credit Card
   On-line Gift Certificates or Gift Cards
   POS Training 8 Hours
      If so, how many extra days of training?
   Web Site
   Shopping Cart
      If so, approximately how many products?
Hardware & Equipment
   Cash Drawer
   Receipt Printer
   Report Printer
   Number of Computers
   Number of Computers Network Together
   Credit Card Machine
   Number of Hair or Makeup Station
   Number of Styling Chairs
   Number of Nail Stations
   Number of Esthetics Room Equipment
   Number of Massage or Esthetics Tables
   Number of Reception Chairs
   Reception Desk
   Surveillance system: Includes 4 Cameras and Web Interface
   Employee Lounge: Includes 4 Chairs, Table, Fridge
   Company Logo
   Ad's for Marketing
   Gift Cards - 2000
   Business Cards - 2000
   Grand Opening Posters
   Loyalty Program
Private Label Product Lines
   Hair Care Product Line With Minimum Order
   Skin Care Product Line With Minimum Order
   Makeup Product Line With Minimum Order
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Fax Number
Company Name
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