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Steam Embrace Plus (sage or teal)
Steam Embrace Plus (sage or teal)
Steam Cabinet. All the Benefits of Steam Bathing in Comfort & Confidence. The Steam Embrace Steam Cabinet stimulates the skin and prepares it for better absorption, promotes detoxification and stimulates the immune system, yet it keeps the head cool!
  • -No plumbing required
  • 2-4 cups of water gives 20 min. of steam
  • -Electronic temperature control maintains proper heat level and shuts off automatically when water has evaporated
  • Temperature range: 86 degrees to 126 degrees F
  • weighs 79 lbs.; just tilt and roll!
  • Lightweight door can be easily opened from inside or out
  • High-grade fiberglass construction.

    Optional for Ozone Therapy
    1. Steam Trio Ozonator
    2. Oxygen Tank with Regulator
    3. Ozone Connector
Price: US$2,399.00
3,070.72 CAD
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