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Hydrotone Thermal Level 2
Hydrotone Thermal Level 2
Three-In-One Hydrotone System: Steam, Vichy Shower and Hydro Tub All In One!

Eliminate the need for numerous pieces of equipment. Reduce cleanup time - since the capsule is designed to contain water splash, no wet room is needed. Client stays warm and relaxed while the therapist stays clean and dry. Steam helps the body absorb nutrients from body products. Vichy shower removes body product efficiently while keeping client comfortable. Tub is accessed by removing the wet treatment bed from the capsule. The Hydrotone Thermal includes the following features:
  • Totally electronic
  • Shower and water jet zone control
  • Steam temperature variation
  • User Programmability
  • No complicated plumbing or electrical services
  • Rinse program automatically flushes the pipe work and pump system with fresh water and disinfectant solution to sanitize the capsule
  • 396 lbs.; 200-240V AC; 50/60MHz; 55 gal. A dedicated hot water service is recommended. Larger service if tub is in continual use.
Price: US$24,532.00
31,400.96 CAD
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