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Hydrotone Suzi
Hydrotone Suzi
A Luxurious Addition to the Salon or Spa Enter a new world of Salon and Spa treatments.

Hydrotone Suzi brings a totally unique experience to your salon or spa. Combining shampoo, rinse programs, conditioning, hydromassage, steam infusion, aromatherapy and colour light therapy, clients will now be able to experience spa for hair and scalp.

The four high pressure hydrojets are strategically positioned to create a spine tingling, luxurious scalp massage.

Suzi cleans and treats all hair types, lengths and conditions including hair extensions, weaves and dreadlocks.

The inclusion of steam in Suzi means that therapists can infuse hair treatment packs for 10 - 15 minutes doing away with messy and uncomfortable plastic wraps.


  • Shampoos and conditions hair of any length
  • Hydromassage for scalp therapies
  • Steam to enable the infusion of hair treatments
  • Power recline chair included in the Suzi package
  • Functional workspace behind Suzi chair to enable therapist to deliver a shoulder and neck massage
  • Thermal contrast use contrasting water temperature to stimulate the scalp and body's nervous system, giving a feeling of vitality and energy.
  • Aromatherapy to provide a feeling of overall wellbeing.
  • Shirodhara unit to bring clarity to the mind and recharge the body.
Price: US$21,000.00
26,880.00 CAD
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