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Equator Spray Booth
Equator Spray Booth
This state of the art Multi-Spray booth can be placed almost anywhere, with no need for ventilation or plumbing. The excess product will not linger in the air or settle on any salon furniture. The base of the booth is 1.4 meters in diameter and 2.2 meters high. We offer the best of both worlds: a fast application (3 - 4 minutes for a full-body) combined with the benefits of a trained operator. Automated booths don't take into account all shapes and sizes, over hanging skin or drier areas. All booths need an operator to ensure a perfect tan, as anything less will just not do: would you let a machine cut your hair?

The Important Points: Full-body application in 3-4 minutes. State-of-the-art extraction system ensuring no overspray in the salon. No plumbing needed just a normal electricity wall socket. Easily installed in around 2 hours. (dependant on salon and its location) Personalised service for your customer. Airbrushing ensures a streak-free finish. Simple design: all parts slot together meaning spares and repairs are easy! This also means maintaining and cleaning the booth is made easier. A full year warranty.

Automated versus non-automated booths

Automated Quick application. (a few seconds) Customer has to stand in specific poses or else patches will be missed or over-sprayed. Some customers may not like to or be able to assume these poses. No allowing for drier patches, therefore over-spraying is common. No personalised service. No real choice of sprays. No consideration that people are different sizes, shapes and colours.

Non-automated (Naturasun) Quick application. Personalised service for customers: guidance throughout. Tailor-made tan that can take into account different sizes, shapes, colours and dry patches. No specific poses. Vast range of colours.

Price: US$18,900.00
24,192.00 CAD
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